Side Toy Container

Side Toy Container


  • a cup-like container
  • a movable arm that attaches to the side of MUtable

Price:   29 




  • Ideal to store pens, pencils, markers, and small toys
  • It can rotate in all directions and can be stored under the table
  • Up to three containers can attach to each MUtable
  • It’s not compatible with the 6-seat Extension


A convenient cup-like container to store pens, pencils, markers, and small toys.

Attach one container for your child’s toys on any or all three sides of the MUtable. When playtime is over, just rotate the containers under the table and everything will stay well organized.

You can add up to three Side Toy Containers to each MUtable. You can also use the moveable arm to hang a bag for smaller toys.

Side Toy Container is not compatible to use with the 6-seat Extension.




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