MUwallx32 – 32 Panels + 32 Accessories

MUwallx32 – 32 Panels + 32 Accessories


  • 32 panels (choose later the color between natural wood or the white)
  • Each panel measures 45 x 45 cm / 17.7 x 17.7 in
  • Approx. size for 32 panels: 180 x 360 cm / 70.8 x 141.6 in (or choose freely to position panels differently on your wall)
  • ≃ 32 accessories (choose later with store credit equivalent to the full amount of your purchase)
  • Buy on preorder and enjoy a great discount, equivalent to receive the panels for FREE and pay only for the accessories!

Price:  945   1.538 
SAVE 593 !




  • MUwall is a customizable design system that grows, changes and adapts to your children’s needs
  • The system is composed of wooden panels to be fixed to the wall and accessories that are fixed onto the panels
  • Panels are available in natural wood color or white painted color
  • Made of wood
  • Designed in Italy
  • Currently MUwall is on preorder, with a special discount of 40% off retail price
  • With the current promotion you will get the panels completely for FREE and receive a store credit to buy the accessories equivalent to the full price of your order
  • The store credit for accessories will be activated in early 2020, in conjunction with the release of a room planner that will facilitate your choices
  • Shipping date to be confirmed 


  • 32× Panels (to be chosen later with natural Wood or White)
  • ≃ 32 Accessories (choose later with 898€ Credit)

Optional Add-ons

Some accessories listed below, although purchasable with the store credit included with your order, may require some extra budget to complete your MUwall.

  • Mirrors
  • Fun Stations
  • Books Tree
  • Rainbow
  • Nook
  • Castle

Technical Specifications

  • Panels: 45 x 45 cm (17.7 x 17.7 in) each

How it works

MUwall is a modular wall system made for kids 0-14 years, that can grow and change shape over time by simply adding panels… getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Install Panels

  • Choose the wall on which you want to install the panels. It can either be a load-bearing wall or a dry wall.
  • Decide how many panels you want to install (each panel measures 45 x 45cm, 17.7 x 17.7in).
  • See the video for detailed instructions on installation

2. Add accessories

Hook your selection of accessories on to the panels. You will find a great range of  organizational, play and design accessories to choose from. Mix&match them as you like!

3. Customize

Switch up the look of your MUwall by simply moving the accessories around, according to the new needs and preferences of your child. You can always get new accessories when you feel you need a bigger change in the look, feel and organization of your child’s room.


MUwall offers a wide range of accessories to chose from. With your purchase you will receive a store credit to add accessories and complete your MUwall.

Below you will find a full price list for each accessory as well as the number of panels each of them occupies on MUwall.

1. Organizational Accessories

2. Playing Accessories

Installation Instructions

It is not just like snapping fingers, but nothing you should worry about!

Watch the video to learn how to install MUwall on a load bearing wall.

To install MUwall on dry walls, the procedure will be essentially the same:

  • Before starting, you will need to check where the studs of the wall are positioned (if they are made of metal you can easily check that using a magnet)
  • You should find at least 2 positions where the MUwall frame matches the studs and drill 4 holes in those positions, 2 on top, 2 at the bottom
  • If, for any reason, it is not possible to find those 4 positions, the solution is to add a low-cost wooden panel, such an OSB panel, between the wall and the MUwall frame. This solution will always be the safest and we recommend it for dry walls


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