MUtable 6-seat Extension + Play Dough Board

MUtable 6-seat Extension + Play Dough Board

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  • Includes a double-sided Play Dough Board with over 120 shapes

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  • The Extension transforms MUtable from 3 to 6 seats
  • Made of wood
  • Can be disassembled in three parts and stored easily
  • Can fit up to 6 seats at the same time!
  • Includes a double-sided Play Dough Board
  • Does not include dough
  • Available in Dove Gray color
  • Designed in Italy


  • MUtable Extension (composed of 3 assemblable parts)
  • The Play Dough Board

Technical Specifications

  • Extension diameter: 98cm (38.5in) large


More space for more fun! The extension is a steady additional panel that will increase the surface of your MUtable. Up to 6 kids can play or have a seat at the same time…for twice the fun!

Use the extension to let your kids play with their friends, have meals together or just have fun with bigger toys. Included with the extension you will receive an additional central board to store pens and small toys. When you need to use a flat surface you can just move the MUtable wooden cover on top of all other boards.


And it is super easy to assemble; just place it on top of the table and fix it with the solid locks below. It is made of three parts that can be minimize the space it occupies if you need to store it away.

The extension includes a double sided Play Dough board. Over 120 shapes for infinite fun! On one side of the Play Dough Board there are 3D shapes of many characters and objects inspire to 4 different fairy tales, including Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, the Little Mermaid and Pinocchio. On the other side there are plenty of kids favorite things, like vehicles, animals, flowers, food, letters and numbers and many many more…

This board allows to use the extension also with all the play boards included in MUtable. By just moving the Play Dough board below the board stack you will be able to play on a flat surface also at the extension level.

Play Dough Board Play Dough Board

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