Happy Bathroom Wooden Puzzle

Happy Bathroom Wooden Puzzle

  • Includes a round wooden puzzle with 28 pieces

Price:   19,90 




  • Round Wooden Puzzle with 28 pieces
  • Composed of large pieces that are easy to grasp
  • Improves cognitive development through concentration
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Made of wood
  • Designed in Italy by Nina Cuneo
  • Recommended for children ages 3+


The Happy Bathroom Wooden Puzzle is made entirely of wood and has 28 pieces.

Illustrations by the Italian Illustrator, Nina Cuneo

The 28 pieces create a circle that perfectly fits in the MUtable puzzle base.


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2 Customer Reviews
Rated 5 out of 5

Love this puzzle

lydia 7th June 2020 - Verified Purchase

lydia 7th June 2020 - Verified Purchase

lydia 7th June 2020 - Verified Purchase

My daughter LOVES this puzzle and plays with it over and over again.

Rated 5 out of 5

Mutable puzzles are the best

Lida 14th May 2020 - Verified Purchase

Lida 14th May 2020 - Verified Purchase

Lida 14th May 2020 - Verified Purchase

My son just turned 3 and we’ve had a mutable for since he was about 14 months old. We got the bundle that included 2 puzzles, but never used them until a few months ago. I randomly pulled one out one day and my little one became instantly obsessed. The fact that the pieces fit into the mutable disk made it so much easier for him to understand how puzzles work. We tried a classic 24-piece square puzzle and he had a much harder time with it. I bought the happy bathroom puzzle to give us a little variety because I was tired of putting together the same puzzle multiple times EVERY DAY! This one is a little harder than the first one we have because there are fewer colors, but that actually works out well because it takes him longer to do it and extends his ability to concentrate on one task. I plan to let him play with this puzzle and the original one we had for a couple more months, then introduce the other puzzle that came with our mutable bundle that has twice the number of pieces.
The mutable puzzles are thick wood, so they survived the put-everything-in-my-mouth phase and are still doing well in the kick-and-throw-things-when-I-get-mad phase. The colors are bright and the paint doesn’t chip. Really a great product all around.

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