F-holder – 2-in-1 Portable Play and Storage Base

F-holder – 2-in-1 Portable Play and Storage Base

OverviewDouble-Sided Bricks Board

  • 2-in-1 portable play base and compact boards storage base
  • Compatible with MUtable games, excluding puzzles
  • Compatible with the NEW D-holder
  • Holds up to 10 MUtable play boards
  • Ultra-light, ultra-slim, compact, and easy to carry – even for the child and easy to store
  • Stands on two feet when full of play boards or on one foot when empty
  • Movable arms
  • Designed in Italy
  • Recommended for children ages 3+


Do you love your MUtable and its engaging activities so much that you find it hard to separate from them? Completely understandable… That is why we have designed the F-holder – the 2-in-1 portable play and storage base that allows you to play with MUtable games on the go!

F-holder is also the perfect addition to MUtable for families with more than one child: use it as an alternative play base when siblings wish to do different activities or need more space!

Discover the all the functions of the F-holder!

The NEW 2-in-1 portable play base is compact, ultra-light, and above all, versatile: it allows you to transport MUtable play boards wherever you wish, and it easily becomes a compact game base!

Not only is it versatile, but also practical: the arms can be moved and brought together or widened following a circular trajectory. This way, the F-holder occupies very little space and fits almost anywhere!

Why is the F-holder so useful and innovative?

F-holder answers the requests for a compact solution for smaller houses, a second play base for larger families, and a portable option for all MUtable games.

No limits to playing and learning: F-holder extends the fun!



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