DISKcover the World + “We are the World” Puzzle

DISKcover the World + “We are the World” Puzzle

  • Includes 1 double-sided disk, 2 dice 4 tokens and 86 playing cards, & a 49-piece puzzle
  • Perfectly fits MUtable and F-Holder

Price:   29,90 




DISKcover the World Board Game and We are the World Puzzle aim to teach children about geography, cultures, and animals around the world.

The double-sided disk is made of cardboard and perfectly fits MUtable. The game includes 2 dice, 4 tokens and 86 playing cards. The 49-piece cardboard puzzle creates a circle that fits perfectly within the MUtable puzzle base.

Board games are a fantastic way to exercise logic and tactical skills while also learning new things!

Puzzles are an amazing way for children to develop their cognitive skills through concentration, improve their fine motor skills, and even study new topics!

Designed in Italy

Recommended for children ages 3+


How to play DISKcover the World?

Travel the globe on this double-sided map board!

You will choose cards with destinations, but you may encounter obstacles along your journey – maybe even skipping a turn or adding more destinations to your journey. If you reach the Turn the Map box, you will force everyone else to restart the game on the other side of the world!

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