DISKcover Letters & Numbers

DISKcover Letters & Numbers

  • DISKcover Letters & Numbers is a double-sided play board with two educational themes:
    • Letters
    • Numbers
  • Includes 1 double-sided board, 1 Die, 4 tokens and 140 Squared cards
  • It can be used independently or used with the MUapp:
    • with the app: recognition of letters and numbers with animations
    • without the app: board games with different challenges and tasks
  • This play board proposes a huge variety of activities to do individually or together with family and friends
  • Perfectly fits MUtable and F-Holder


DISKcover Letters & Numbers is a brand new two-game disk that proposes a huge variety of activities with different levels of difficulty for children 3 to 8 years old. The double-sided disk is made of cardboard and perfectly fits MUtable. The games include 2 dice. Board games are a fantastic way to exercise logic and tactical skills while also learning new things!

Designed in Italy

Recommended for children ages 3+


DISKcover Letters & Numbers is a brand-new double-sided play board designed to exercise your child’s writing, counting, and association skills!

It can be used with or without the MUapp, which proposes games with different levels.

How to play DISKcover Letters & Numbers?

with MUapp: Your child will learn to recognize and write letters & numbers. The fun in-app animations will reward a job well done!

without MUapp: To play the board game, you will only need the pair of dice to further develop strategic thinking!


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