Diskcover History

Diskcover History

  • Includes 1 double-sided disk, 2 dice 4 tokens and 46 playing cards, & a 49-piece puzzle
  • Perfectly fits MUtable and F-Holder

Price:   31 


DISKcover History Board Game aims to teach children about history and Ring a Ring o’ Stories Puzzle is a depiction of an historical paradox!

The double-sided disk is made of cardboard and perfectly fits MUtable. The game includes 2 dice 4 tokens and 46 playing cards. The 49-piece cardboard puzzle creates a circle that fits perfectly within the MUtable puzzle base.

Board games are a fantastic way to exercise logic and tactical skills while also learning new things!

Puzzles are an amazing way for children to develop their cognitive skills through concentration, improve their fine motor skills, and even study new topics!

Designed & illustrated in Italy by Giulia Coppola

Recommended for children ages 3+


How to play DISKcover History?

Jump on your time machine and take a journey to discover some of the most important characters in human history!

The goal of the game is to travel from the past to the present faster than the other players. Along the way you will encounter two types of boxes: the vortex box moves you through time, all the way to another era and the card box requires you to pick a card from the deck. Each card represents a moment in history and may ask you to move to the future or to the past, making your journey faster or slower depending on your luck.


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