DISKcover Fruits & Vegetables

DISKcover Fruits & Vegetables

  • Includes two board games, two dice 4 tokens and and 48 playing cards
  • Perfectly fits MUtable and F-Holder


Price:   19,90 




DISKcover Fruits & Vegetables is composed of 2 board games that aim to teach children about healthy eating habits.

The double-sided game disk is made of cardboard and perfectly fits MUtable.

The games include 2 dice, 4 tokens and 48 playing cards.

Board games are a fantastic way to exercise logic and tactical skills while also learning new things!

Designed in Italy

Recommended for children ages 3+



How to play DISKcover Fruits & Vegetables?

Two different games on one single board!

On one side, you will find an orchard where you will take an adventurous hike, picking fruits from trees and protecting it from very hungry insects. The goal of the game is to follow the trail all the way back to the starting point before the other players. You should avoid the caterpillar’s mouth, which will take you in the wrong direction! By using ladders & bridges you can move forward even faster!

On the other side

, you will find a vegetable garden where you will discover and grow many different types of vegetables! The goal of the game is to be the first to collect 4 different vegetables from the garden. When you reach a vegetable box along the trail, you can take a vegetable card from the deck of playing cards, where you may also find special cards that allow you to move forward on the path! You may also encounter obstacles that slow you down. If you collect a pair of matching cards, you may go back to the farmhouse and ask another player to switch cards.


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Rated 5 out of 5

So fun for a first board game

Ashley Adler Watt 29th December 2018 - Verified Purchase

Ashley Adler Watt 29th December 2018 - Verified Purchase

Ashley Adler Watt 29th December 2018 - Verified Purchase

What a new way to introduce toddlers to board games? The pieces are larger and the game space is easy to setup. Love this add on!

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