D-holder – Universal Device Holder

D-holder – Universal Device Holder

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  • Holds any type of device, smartphones, or tablet
  • Allows for hands-free use of devices
  • Integrates the MUtable play boards with 5 NEW MUapps
  • Compatible with MUtable and F-holder
  • Attaches to the center of the table and to the edge of the table
  • Up to 3 D-holders can be used at the time for multiple players




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  • D-holder, a universal device holder
  • Combines digital games with manual activities
  • Integrates MUtable play boards with 5 NEW MUapps
  • Holds any type of digital device
  • Attaches to the center of the table or to the edge of the table
  • Use up to 3 D-holders on the edge of the table for multiple players
  • Compatible with MUtable and F-holder
  • Designed in Italy
  • Recommended for children ages 3+


Parents are constantly searching for a new and educational approach to playtime for their little digital-natives. Our NEW D-holder is a revolutionary device holder, that combines innovative digital games with classic childhood activities like games, puzzles, and drawing. With D-holder, technology does not replace hands-on activites, but inhances them. Your children will discover so many new ways of having fun while learning!

How does D-Holder work?

Well, it’s hands-free, innovative, & super fun! Your children will learn & play with both digital and manual games! The MUtable D-holder can hold 1 device at the center of the table or up to 3 devices at the edge of the table, allowing children to continue manual activities challenged by 5 NEW MUapps. The innovative digital games found on MUapp will entertain your children with stories and actively involve them in educational activities to be played in combination with the original MUtable’s play boards! Their hands will be free to do play games, do puzzles, and draw – allowing them to further develop their fine motor skills in many different ways!



Explore a whole new digital world of games with the MUapps!

It’s time to break the limits of playtime: Coming Soon 5 free MUapps to provide additional content to MUtable games and expand the possibilities of learning while you play! There are so many wonderful activities waiting for you!

We have developed 5 apps (available on Android and App Store) to combine with the MUtable games:

  • With the brand new DISKcover Letters & Numbers disk and its associated MUapp, your child will learn and exercise their writing, counting, and associating skills!
  • With MU.F.O., the projector that connects wireless to the MUapp, you’ll have access to an infinite catalog of ideas and drawing exercises!
  • Learning geography has never been so much fun: with DISKcover the World board game and its new MUapp your child will be entertained by these playful activities, thanks to the augmented reality!
  • Develop your child’s manual skills and imagination with a new library on bricks constructions to be used with the MUtable Bricks Tower!
  • Your child will actively participate in never-ending stories and new adventures with 100StoryDough, the app that enriches the Play Dough Board with compelling activities: read stories, create with your hands, and take quizzes!

Digital is Better: Discover how the D-Holder improves your child’s playtime!

Nowadays, the perception of technology is controversial: On one hand, it can seam fantastic, full of new opportunities and stimulations, dynamic, creative, and customizable; On the other hand, it can seem like a passive, poor, isolating way to teach and entertain your child.

Our goal is to maintain a strictly positive use of technology by increasing the educational content of our games and limiting the hands-on use of devices! Children will continue playing the old-fashion way with MUtable and F-holder, while the device will sit nearby for when there is a need to access additional educational content, always in a fun and engaging way!

With D-holder, digital is magical!

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